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Pretty young woman sexy lingerie

You are a pretty young woman and you wonder how to choose your lingerie, your swimwear, your body-stockings to arouse the desire of your future boyfriend. To help you in this process of seduction, the text below represents the underwear, dress, sexy thong proposed by the Polish designer Livco Corsetti.

If you think that your favourite man has classic tastes and prefers conservative lingerie, Livco Corsetti offers first of all black nighties that will enhance your cleavage without revealing too much of your intimacy. This nightie is decorated with a few red designs that give it a touch of originality. On the other hand, you will find a pretty tunic decorated with pink patterns with matching panties. Livco Corsetti also offers a set consisting of black panties and bra with pretty abstract white patterns. Finally, Livco Corsetti offers an elegant grey combination with a slightly transparent neckline.

If you want to seduce your partner with a more sexy underwear, Livco Corsetti offers a slightly transparent set that allows the appearance of your breasts to be seen. This model brings a light touch of eroticism and is a good compromise between modesty and exhibitionism.


Maillot de bain Livco corsetti nuisette Club Sortie livco Body sexy

Finally, if the one you love has naughty tastes, such as sexy thongs or thong and bra sets, and if he appreciates transparent negligees that reveal your breasts before you are completely naked, Livco Corsetti offers a black model that is sure to arouse his desire. An even more transparent and naughty model is also available. It comes with pretty matching stockings.
To vary your modes of seduction, you can buy a wise underwear model, a naughty underwear model and a more provocative model. This will allow your charming companion to fully enjoy your moments of intimacy by being conquered each time in a different way. So, for example, you could wear wise underwear for the first date. The next time you meet, you might wear lingerie that reveals more of your intimacy. Finally, the third date could be spiced up with totally transparent underwear. But you should always take into account the tastes of the man in your life and his preferences.

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