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Livco Corsetti Tights - Stockings - Mieva 15DEN

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15.00 €
White / 9
Delivery:  7 days
Colour:  White

Stockings  >  Livco Corsetti Tights  >  Mieva 15DEN

Collection:  HOSIERY

Catalogue:  WHITE

Brand:  Livco Corsetti Tights

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Nightie Landim Gold LC 90580
27.79 € Cross pattern lace on front and overlapping shoulder strap and at the back comes in this sexy Landim done in beige soft satin with mesh lace adorn on chest and waist area. ...
Briefs Livco Corsetti Fashion Linda LC 6064
2.50 € Elegant white tone panties grabbing your waist with fringes work adong on side with base in subtle idea, waist band giving well fitted work with pleasurable feeling. These are full coverage snow-white panties. Are you looking for stylish every-day lingerie? Linda panties will surprise you with their fantastic properties, like intelligent stitching and highly elastic fabric, which will not ...
Dress Gown Livco Corsetti Fashion Sheer
38.54 € Sheer dress gown giving every femininity a lace bathrobe done with impressing translucent looks with floral embroideries. it impresses every woman with its unique colors, softness of material and tasteful cut. The bathrobe has long sleeves and a binding on a shiny ribbon at the waist. It is made of polyamide - a material with an extremely pleasant texture for the body. The covering reaches to the ...
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